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Established in 2010- The 49th State Brewing Co. started out in beautiful Healy, Alaska located 10 miles north of the entrance to Denali National Park. Owners David McCarthy and Jason Motyka sought to contribute to the rich tradition of beer making in Alaska.They also wanted a brewpub where the locals and tourists alike could commune. Already having several businesses in Denali, some asked why they wanted to expand into brewing, they answered,

We are passionate about brewing beer. We enjoy other things like fine teas and coffee but we aren’t dedicating our lives to it. We decided to put our passion for brewing out there and do so in a community we care about.The bonus is that we get to share our vision of a great brewpub with friends and visitors from around the world.

More than a place to have a beer and a bite, the 49th State – Denali is a place to make memories. People cozy up to the fire, enjoy an outdoor concert, or dig into a hearty meal.

McCarthy and Motyka have a “ sky’s the limit” attitude when it comes to brewing. During the 2012 season, the 49th State Brewing Co. produced roughly 130 barrels of beer, which is the equivalent to 260 kegs. In 2013 they finished the season at around 500 barrels, which maxed out the existing 5BBL brewhouse less than 2 years after it was commissioned.  In 2014, a new, state of the art 15 BBL brewhouse from Premier Stainless was installed along with substantial tank capacity over the previous system. With that installment, the 49th State – Denali was able to produce around 1500 barrels, effectively tripling their previous capacity to brew.

With the beer flowing and their wheels turning, they examined what the next steps could be for brewing and came to a distinct conclusion; they wanted to brew more beer but keep it in a comfortable craft size. Instead of expanding in Healy, they looked to Motyka’s hometown of Anchorage for the location of their next Alaskan brewpub.

The new 49th State – Anchorage has the elements that make a perfect match to the Denali brewpub i.e. a blend of community, tourism, and outdoors. Originally an Elk’s Lodge building built in 1918, it grew over the decades into a local social club. The three story property located on the water with a view of the Alaska range hosted a private bar, dining area, bowling lanes, and ballroom which made it the gathering place in Anchorage. In 1996, Snow Goose Restaurant and Sleeping Lady Brewing Co took ownership and transformed it into a brewery and commercial restaurant that fit right in with Alaska’s great tradition of brewing.

Now as the 49th State – Anchorage comes of age, you’ll find the approach and philosophy of 49th State brewpubs unchanged. “We look to be stewards in the community to keep the craft alive, independent businesses thriving, and chain companies on the fringe.” says McCarthy. This full circle philosophy means working with other Alaskan businesses to procure services and goods used in their company.

McCarthy and Motyka want to share their vision of the 49th State Brewing Co as a place to enjoy the time you have with great people, hearty food, and craft beer. Whether you’re in the interior locale of Healy (Denali) or overlooking the waters in Anchortown, they hope you can find your comfort zone at the 49th State Brewing Co brewpubs.

49th State Brewery - Anchorage


717 West 3rd Ave
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

Lunch    11am-4pm

Dinner      4pm-11pm

Late-Night 11pm-12am  (Open til 1am Fri-Sat)

NFL Sunday Brunch 9am-3pm

Holiday Hours   
Thanksgiving: Closed
Christmas: Closed December 24-26th
New Year’s: Closed January 1st

PH: +1(907) 277 7727

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49th State Brewery - Anchorage

Mile 248.4 Parks Hwy.
Healy, Alaska 99743

PH: +1 907 683 2739

Closed for 2017