Sustainable Foods in Alaska

Alaskan Farmers and Restaurateurs Plan for a Sustainable Future

Everyone agrees that they want sustainable Alaskan foods. It feels good to buy products from fellow Alaskans and no one wants to be held hostage by food trucks. But the adversities faced by Alaskan farmers and ranchers go far beyond the standard complications of working with the land and with animals. It seems that with great tenacity, the sustainable foods industry in Alaska might be rounding the bend. The people at Northern Hospitality Group (parent company to 49th State Brewing Co, Denali Park Salmon Bake, Prospector’s Pizzeria, et al) are ecstatic to bring the fruits of Alaskan hard work and diligence to the table in their restaurants. Long term relationships and deals 3-10 years in the making have allowed Alaskan raised chicken, beef, pork, yak, and vegetables to be permanently added to their menus.



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