February Beer News

Feb 8, 2018 | beer

February brings more than a little romance for beer lovers, the 49th has some new, limited release brews on tap!

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Barista Cup Porter Release

The  49th State’s brewer is so excited for these coffee brewers that he is releasing a special brew of his own at this Saturday’s Barista Cup event. The “Barista Cup Porter” will be on tap. It’s their beloved Portage Porter with Black Cup Alpenglow blend and aged on Nicaraguan Cascara. Don’t miss this event! Alaska Barista Cup | Coffee Industry Party​

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When it comes to doing business in Alaska, the 49th State Brewing Co is committed to a full circle philosophy. That’s why they were so excited to be part of Alaska Farmland Trust’s DRINK BEER, SAVE FARMS event. Not only is their chef preparing an Alaska Grown menu, their Head Brewer, David Short got in the game with a special beer. AK Farmland Wit uses Alaskan grown, unmalted wheat from VanderWeele Farms. This bright, fruity, citrusy, sessionable Belgian-style witbier has a soft mouthfeel and bready backbone from Alaskan grown wheat. Here are the stats: 5.0% ABV 10 IBU Special Ingredients: Coriander, Valencia Orange Peel, unmalted Alaskan Wheat from VanderWeele farms.

BONUS: $1 of every AK Farmland Wit sold at the event will go towards the cause to #savethesoil


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