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9sep9:00 pmMatt Lewis & the Medicine

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Matt Lewis and The Medicine is the most recent project of renowned singer-songwriter Matt Lewis. Known for his quick-witted lyrical improvisation and his wholehearted songs; Lewis’s music is evidence that the singer-songwriter genre still has a few tricks up it’s sleeve.
Composed of former members of The Matt Lewis Band; The Medicine, have taken their unique blend of musical backgrounds and created a style all their own. Comparisons run a muck to Tom Petty, The Grateful Dead, Jack Johnson, Ryan Adams, Ben Harper, Sublime, G-love, Willie Nelson, 311, Jason Mraz and The Zack Brown Band. As the Daily News Minor in Fairbanks Alaska put it, ” What if Jerry Garcia added a little freestyle rap to the Grateful Dead’s routine? A bit unfathomable for sure, but such blending of hip-hop and free form jamming is not out of reach for the Matt Lewis and The Medicine.”

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