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Milo demonstrates versatility unlike any other bassist.

By using a drum pad, effects pedal, and a looping machine Milo can provide his own rhythm, bass line, keys, and lead guitar turning him into an unstoppable one-man show. Milo’s styles range from Jazz to blues, rock , pop ,funk, and even folk. Milo performs his own originals as well  as adding his unique flavor to 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to the Present cover songs. It’s very rare to see Milo play the same song the same way, which makes every performance fresh and new!!!!!

Milo was raised in Boston and began playing the bass at the age of 12. Through his teens and early 20’s he busked the subways making a living playing for eight hours a day underground in the subway. he credits the experience with the teaching him a lot about music and also performing.

Writing, recording and composing occupies one side of Milo’s artistry; Helping other musicians through producing their CDs takes up another set of his honing skills. Milo has traveled extensively throughout the United States sharing his music with all he encounters.

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